This is How You Kill the Past

from by Gunnar Wrinn

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Give me something to believe
shoot a hole right through your tv

and though I don't wish death on the bourgeoisie
all their private conversations are killing me
all I need to exist is your stupid body
I'm sorry for speaking so honestly

I may be rude but that's alright
if I offend you I'll be sure to apologize

my blood is filled with tiny knives
they cut into my brain and eyes
i'm in pain but at least i'm alive
you're a greater beauty than I could contrive

so why don't you let me take you away
i can feel the clock running down on my days
and though you may be shocked to learn
my mortality is all a discern
i watch the leaves fall, i feel the earth turn

all the empty bottles oh how they shine!
i'd wrap you up in twisted rhymes

this past year went like a bottle of wine
all that dreaming just a waste of time
all you people just a waste of life
oh you're all so dead and I feel so alive

it's so damn hard, just to say what I mean
people want you to fit so snugly in their schemes

and they can't accept any questioning
that might reveal their insecurities
so stop pretending you've concern for me
it's you you are protecting and it's so plain to see

and in the summer light of may
I could tell you I could say
that there's no need to be concerned,
the past is dead I watch it burn
i see the birds fly
I feel the earth turn.


from Songs 2013, released August 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Sunyata Woodbury, Connecticut

My name is Gunnar and this is my music, I'm from Woodbury, CT

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