from by Gunnar Wrinn

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discuss with me the songs, and the people and the places that you love
give color to the roses with their petals so raw and full of blood
deny all that is wrong, negate the pretense of those bitter queens
and leave me on this road my dusty grin, it shines with all I've seen

the earth it is in tune with the birds and with the motions of the skies
as you wade through the bog, their is wonder in her melancholy eyes
I want to sing in times of youth, all the colors she can be
but my voice is just gets lost, archaic sound, these lungs are simple machines

and crusted over them, is the kiss of a menthol cigarette
my mind it is a sin, and her body, a fixed coursette
won't you love me now? I'll take all I can get.

soon you'll be immune, to the contours, the architecture of my charm
and I will hear your voice as it softly burns, "I never meant to do you any harm"
for now the birds are out, their perfect wings all so high and dry
the marijuana smoke it carves a needle, all around your eyes

in pools of green
the rush of a coming tide
oh the places I wish I'd been
the friends from whom I hide
there's no use letting go, the demon's gotta burn inside

talk with me again of the future and your drawings of the past
your mouth it is a cave full of Sutures, and baby they heal fast
in words I never knew, be my friend, and maybe more
for now I am alive, but who knows what tomorrow brings?

is that you knocking on my door?

or is it just time, maybe a desperate ghost?
these longing I have felt, and the people I will never know
again, after the anchor's raised, and I"m alone

(cue tasteful whistling)


from Songs 2013, released August 4, 2013
teenage melodrama



all rights reserved


Sunyata Woodbury, Connecticut

My name is Gunnar and this is my music, I'm from Woodbury, CT

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