Songs 2013

by Gunnar Wrinn

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bunch of songs I recorded in my basement.


released August 4, 2013

I'm Gunnar Wrinn and I produced and played everything on this record. All the songs were written by myself except where noted.



all rights reserved


Sunyata Woodbury, Connecticut

My name is Gunnar and this is my music, I'm from Woodbury, CT

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Track Name: Gum
I'm gonna find my place among the stars
(somewhere in the dim of the night)
I'm gonna leave my home for the shores of Mars
(and I don't even know what it's like)

If you should find me on the other side of the moon, it'll be alright

The sunlight blinks in twisted rays
(radiation burning my skin)
Don't you know, it's pretty nice in the shade?
(waiting for my life to begin)

if you should find me stealing hope from a crystal ball, you could call it a sin

there's nothing in my head that you could even call worthwhile
chewing on the past like a piece of Gum in the mouth of a child
he won't spit it out because he likes the taste

I've been drunk every night for a week
(a blurry view inside of my brain)
the alcohol it is tasting too sweet
(a remedy for the inane)
These melodies that come pouring out of my hands like blood from my veins

(do do do do do do)

there's nothing in my head that you could even call worthwhile
chewing on the past like a piece of Gum in the mouth of a child
he won't spit it out because he likes the taste
he won't spit it out because he likes the pain
he won't spit it out because he likes the taste
Track Name: Sutures
discuss with me the songs, and the people and the places that you love
give color to the roses with their petals so raw and full of blood
deny all that is wrong, negate the pretense of those bitter queens
and leave me on this road my dusty grin, it shines with all I've seen

the earth it is in tune with the birds and with the motions of the skies
as you wade through the bog, their is wonder in her melancholy eyes
I want to sing in times of youth, all the colors she can be
but my voice is just gets lost, archaic sound, these lungs are simple machines

and crusted over them, is the kiss of a menthol cigarette
my mind it is a sin, and her body, a fixed coursette
won't you love me now? I'll take all I can get.

soon you'll be immune, to the contours, the architecture of my charm
and I will hear your voice as it softly burns, "I never meant to do you any harm"
for now the birds are out, their perfect wings all so high and dry
the marijuana smoke it carves a needle, all around your eyes

in pools of green
the rush of a coming tide
oh the places I wish I'd been
the friends from whom I hide
there's no use letting go, the demon's gotta burn inside

talk with me again of the future and your drawings of the past
your mouth it is a cave full of Sutures, and baby they heal fast
in words I never knew, be my friend, and maybe more
for now I am alive, but who knows what tomorrow brings?

is that you knocking on my door?

or is it just time, maybe a desperate ghost?
these longing I have felt, and the people I will never know
again, after the anchor's raised, and I"m alone

(cue tasteful whistling)
Track Name: Cathy Punk
cathy ames it won't take long
cathy ames you're getting stronger
one thousand knights in armor couldn't stand in your way

and even if I could stop you
you know I'm not sure I'd want to
there's something beautiful about the way you destroy men

oh no it doesn't disturb me, no not in the slightest
that evil breathes and evil dies inside of your skin and inside of mine

cathy ames you are my lover
and cathy ames you are my vulture
when I'm starving in the desert it is you who'll lick my bones

cathy I am short on words,
and cathy I am shorter on time
a flower is growing where it shouldn't ever be

cain and abel didn't know, you were under their control
well, cain and abel didn't know, you were under their control
and you go, and you ride, and you live your sorry life
you go, and you ride, and you tell your sorry lies, lies

cathy ames I want you to fuck me
cathy ames I want you to die
oh Cathy you make me so confused, oh God, oh why
Track Name: Coal Mine
Every time, you close your eyes, well you see those angry faces
crooked spines, and demon rhymes, emerging from their hiding places

I'm a liar in disguise, and you know I'm always right
pick up the pieces of your conviction
I don't care to choose my words, and suffocate this fragile bird
in your canary killin' coal mine

a dozen rings, on your fingers. they sparkle softly in the sun
your spirit sings, and the feeling lingers
long after loving days are done.

but you can't stop me feeling great, because this joy is self contained
this whole world is just a playground
for those with hearts that never age,
their love is stronger than your hate
and for this reason, you resent them

I don't know just why we're here, but I refuse to live in fear
let your naked soul rejoice now
Track Name: Luv Junkie
I could see you walking down the street
with your hair in a bun on the back of your skull
you say you don't want to talk to me
"well i'm sorry man but I gotta go"

it's a sad illusion that fills your head with nonsense
sour thinking that's fucking up your conscience
everywhere you look you see people staring
all those liars who say that they're caring about you

when they just want to own you
oh they don't care about you
they just want to own you

can't you see it's only you who can save them if you'd just jump into their pockets?
sorry bastards with evil scars who think that love is just another narcotic

and they want you to course right through their veins
they need you to numb their endless pain
be a good daughter and solve their misery
everytime you go, oh they miss you so terribly

because you know that their junkies (they want to stick you in their arm)
oh you know that their junkies (they wanna stick you in their arm)
because you know that their junkies (he doesn't give a damn about your heart)
yeah you know that their junkies

I could see you walking down the street
(with your hair in a bun on the back of your skull)
I don't want you talking to me!
(I know it's early but I have to go)

I want you to think that I"m different, that I could love you for who you are
but the fact is all my needles are empty, I was hoping you could fill me up
I was hoping you could fill me up
Track Name: Elliott Smith - Division Day (Elliott Smith cover)
There was a grown man dying from fright
so surprised at the things he would say
with a giant fantasy life
running round on feet of clay

naked except for a perpetual debt that
couldn't be stripped away
an unrightable wrong that moved him along oh
closer to division day

I spent a long time living with that
I could never give it a name
when you don't know what you're looking at
oh it makes it much harder to tame

mostly they'd meet when he was asleep and
have some sick exchange
that struck him as wrong and moved him along
closer to division day

can I make an exception for this bad connection that
only goes one way
because I knew all along that I didn't belong
with you on division day

the moon's hanging over the bridge
looking down where the water shines
and the man standing up on the bridge
like he's done so many times

thinking about, how to stay out,
out of troubles way
he was flying to fall away from you all
it's over division day
beautiful division day
Track Name: I'd Call it Even
They say life's a crazy circle,
there's nothing here to see
hold your breath you empty people
turn around and let me be

oh yeah, I'd call it destiny
oh yeah, I'd call it symmetry

angry men in loveless collars
they sit around and moan
the evil side of killer comfort
you end up all alone

oh yeah, you reap just what you sow
oh yeah, I'm just another spectacle

I used to dream about how all of this came around
sorting through the lost and found
all of this lovely sound

oh yeah, i'd call it destiny
oh yeah, i'd call it symmetry
Track Name: This is How You Kill the Past
Give me something to believe
shoot a hole right through your tv

and though I don't wish death on the bourgeoisie
all their private conversations are killing me
all I need to exist is your stupid body
I'm sorry for speaking so honestly

I may be rude but that's alright
if I offend you I'll be sure to apologize

my blood is filled with tiny knives
they cut into my brain and eyes
i'm in pain but at least i'm alive
you're a greater beauty than I could contrive

so why don't you let me take you away
i can feel the clock running down on my days
and though you may be shocked to learn
my mortality is all a discern
i watch the leaves fall, i feel the earth turn

all the empty bottles oh how they shine!
i'd wrap you up in twisted rhymes

this past year went like a bottle of wine
all that dreaming just a waste of time
all you people just a waste of life
oh you're all so dead and I feel so alive

it's so damn hard, just to say what I mean
people want you to fit so snugly in their schemes

and they can't accept any questioning
that might reveal their insecurities
so stop pretending you've concern for me
it's you you are protecting and it's so plain to see

and in the summer light of may
I could tell you I could say
that there's no need to be concerned,
the past is dead I watch it burn
i see the birds fly
I feel the earth turn.
Track Name: Soldier Ant
Wrap me up in leaves of three
and carry me down to the water
I served well in my time
Oh you Know you've just gotta see
that I couldn't hold on any longer
to everything in front of me

and it's a chemical disguise
this body that I leave behind
I'm nothing, I'm nothing

though it's all inside of your mind
this spider strand of life
well it's something, oh it is something

take me down to the shore
where the sunlight makes love to the droplets
of dew on your skin
don't you long for something more
because you know that this is all there is
just a speck of sand caught in an hourglass

I don't believe in wasted time,
I'm just a ringing wind chime
I'm just a thought in your mind

I don't believe in wasted time,
I'm just a ringing wind chime,
I'm just a thought in your mind...etc.
Track Name: Sweetheart Blues
I'm trying to be indifferent
because I think that you might find that more attractive
than a man who seeks salvation in every pretty face he comes across
I won't take nothing from you, well maybe just a little of your time...
oh it's nothing new, babe I got the blues and I was thinking you might ease my mind

ease my mind

it's an awful indication of my imaginiation that I always think you're out to get at me
but you know that's just the past, as he runs his final circles round my skull
soon he will retire to a tomb that I constructed for him
deep inside the trenches of the sea
a pair of ragged claws, he will skuttle cross the bottom of those rotting hulls

people like you make life worth living
i'm trying to clean up my act
i don't know where i'm going oh the future's so uncertain
but I know that I want you bad
i'm not obsessed with some myth in my head
you're no angel sent from above
no you're not something supernatural, but you're someone I could love

I could love you, I could love you
Track Name: It's Alright, You're Okay. It's Alright.
Little man, I can see you out there staring
what's the plan, do you think you've strength to bear it?
what you must do, the last pure quarter mile
burning through the even mask of style

a glass case, it's full of pins and needles
coffee cups just drained of all their contents
you see yourself, so pressed onto the bottle
alcohol; it's a worthy occupation.

you're coming at me with the strength of a thousand men
your pasty eyes coverin' up that evil grin
all the angels couldn't keep you away from sin
but it's alright, you're okay, it's alright

all the trees grow so tall against each other
in competition for the light up in the heavens
but all those leaves, they won't ever reach salvation
reaching up, stretching high, for the sky

all the people how they scramble for position
some title, to make up for attrition
'cause time kills, oh this I seem to realize
it's an evil thrill just watching from the lamplight

a sick idea that fills me up with water
drowning in some question mark blotter acid
all my days, all those years up in confinement
it's okay, I'm alright, I'm alright
Track Name: Jungle
oh the moon indigo it's just a night sky island
i see it blink in the darkness
through my eyes and through my veins
oh I can't help but wonder
am I floating right through the haze?
oh big sky blunder
wrap it up and through it away!

there ain't nothing stickin' to me now
i can feel the earth in a see saw
they tell me it's part of a re run
of something I saw on tv

and I'm with you always
you could say that I never left
on some vacant sundays
all my friends who stand naked
as dey are walking straight through the ferns
all these pointless questions....
losing sleep and making up words

and it all comes back to a circle, yeah you think that you're all the wiser
a year that you spent in the jungle
throwing darts at shadows in your mind

if you talk to me of words and thoughts, i'll say you're lost I will say that you are wrong
because there's nothing here but love and death
the spider web and the empty nest are one
are one
are one